NEGROS Occidental First District Board Member Rolando Ponsica is urging the camps of Toboso Mayor Richard Jaojoco and his opponent Luisa de la Cruz to accept whatever will be the decision of the Regional Trial Court of San Carlos City on the recount of votes that will start on Monday.

“I hope that Mayor Jaojoco would be gentleman enough to step down if the recount's result would not be in his favor and for Dela Cruz to rest her election protest if she does not win in the recount," Ponsica said. He pointed out that election protest is part of democracy.

De la Cruz and her partymates filed an election protest for recount for alleged massive fraud and disparity in the voters’ turnout and votes garnered by the candidates in the May 2013 elections in Toboso.

Aside from Jaojoco’s, also included in the recount are the votes for Vice Mayor Evello Valencia, and eight members of the Sangguniang Bayan.

“Let us wait for the court's decision,” Ponsica said.

The Commission on Elections will submit to the RTC Friday, June 19, the ballot boxes and election paraphernalia for the recount of votes.

Provincial Election Supervisor Jessie Suarez said the RTC San Carlos City ordered the turn-over for the start of the manual recount of all the ballots next week.

The election recount will be held inside the courtroom from June 22 to 26.(TDE)