DANGLAS, Abra -- Drug surrenderers in the municipality, who underwent the process of community rehabilitation program (CRP) will soon be presented to the Municipal Anti-Drug Abuse Council and be recommended for graduation.

The CRP involves medical examination, counseling, information and education and capacity development for the "Tokhang" surrenderers. "Project Tokhang" is the government’s anti-drug campaign.

The community rehabilitation program is a long process of personal and social transformation. It covers the holistic life of the tokhang patients such as the spiritual, psychological, social and even the economic aspect of their life.

The surrenderers also underwent psychiatric treatment and series of drug tests that include the follow-up random and confirmatory drug tests to ensure that they are no longer into illegal drugs and substances.

After more than a year since the local government unit of Danglas had conceptualized, adopted and implemented its comprehensive CRP for the Tokhang surrenderers in the municipality, they are now ready to graduate, Bragas said. (PIA)