FEDERALISM is the most approved agenda of President Rodrigo Duterte among Dabawenyos although the most popular is the war against drugs, a survey by the University of Mindanao (UM)-Institute of Popular Opinion (IPO) revealed.

The survey had 1,200 respondents from three districts in the city from May 17 to May 26. It aimed to evaluate Duterte's performance during his first year in office using his campaign promises during election period.

The UM-IPO Director Dr. Adrian Tamayo, during Kapehan sa Dabaw held at SM City Ecoland Annex Building Monday, July 10, said 96.21 percent of the respondents said the pursuit of federalism and the focus on peace in the country are the most perceived topic.

"Although the suppression of drug trade in the country can be seen as the most popular, many do not approve of its essence. The call for federalism is more appreciated as there lies the peace talks between the government and communist groups," he said.

Despite the peace talks being popular among respondents, Tamayo said that only five in 20 Dabawenyos are optimistic that the peace agreement with the New People's Army (NPA) is possible, while eight of 20 believed that it is not attainable. A similar proportion, he added, was noted for the potential of peace with the Moro rebels.

The war on drugs of Duterte ranked second with 90.11 approval percentage. It is followed by his efforts to curb corruption in the government (3rd, 88.14 percent), ending illegal labor contractualization (4th, 88.14 percent), and opening of health facilities in every barangay (5th, 88.10 percent).

In general, Tamayo said the public approval of Duterte's performance is at 89.38 percent, indicating the high satisfaction afforded on expectations built upon the promises made during his campaign.

Ranked last in the survey result is Duterte's promise to improve internet connectivity and access (72.15 percent), indicating that Dabawenyos do not see this as a priority of the president.

"Seventy-eight percent believe that this administration can espouse massive development in the country which speaks that people in the city really support PRRD as a president," Tamayo said.