QUITE a few people were mistaken in thinking that Father’s Day was last Sunday, when it is in fact tomorrow. We hope you got some ideas on where to take Dad from our Father’s Day Plus and Special supplement on Thursday.

Shangri-la’s Mactan Resort and Spa has a number of offers in place for the occasion, including different dining options. Executive chef Frank Bohdan, Tides chef de cuisine Alvin Lee, Acqua chef Gianfranco Pirrone, communications director Mildred Amon and communications executive Monica Tan were in full force to have some of us media friends try out all the grand things they’ll be serving at the resort this weekend. Guests can choose to dine at Tides for a buffet lunch or dinner, a five-course menu in Acqua or reserve an exclusive spot at the resort for dinner.

With all of these picks, Dad’s going to be spoiled for choice. Don’t miss the little Baymax dessert. After all, Dad is the Big Hero all year round.