PREGNANT sales ladies working in malls and commercial firms in Bacolod City need to have chairs, said Councilor Sonya Verdeflor.

A resolution passed by the Provincial Board recently reiterated the strict compliance with City Ordinance 311, Series of 2002.

Verdeflor said standing for long hours may have its toll on their pregnancy and health in general, thus, she called on the human resource management of these malls and commercial establishments to follow or show compliance to the local measure.

She added that it has been observed that several malls and business establishments in Bacolod have not yet strictly implemented Section 2 of City Ordinance 311, Series of 2002 known as “An Ordinance Requiring Chairs or Benches for use of Salespersons in Business Establishments in the City of Bacolod” because so many of their pregnant sales ladies are required to stand all throughout their work hours without a chair or bench nearby which they could sit on in-between hours on duty.

To protect the rights of pregnant women and the unborn child and to ensure their health, physical conditions and survival during child birth, it is imperative that the human resource management of malls and business establishments strictly adhere to the implementation of the ordinance’s Section 2.