"YOU only get as much as you put into. So don't waste time dwelling on how imperfect life can be. Just keep moving."

This is how Ivy Meliton, a kidney disease survivor, deals with life after she underwent a kidney transplant 13 years ago.

It was in 2010 and Meliton was in second year high school when she had complications, particularly in urinating.

"Madalas nahihilo ako. Hirap huminga. Nagiging masakitin, madalas nilalagnat tsaka mahina sa gawain," she said.

After several laboratory tests, Meliton was diagnosed with kidney failure, wastes build-up and fluids inside the body.

Kidney specialist Dr. Frankline Guillano, in an interview, said what Meliton had been through was a glomerulonephritis.

Glomerulonephritis is a group of diseases that injures the part of the kidney that filters blood, the so-called glomeruli.

Its chronic form may develop silently (without symptom) over several years. It often leads to complete kidney failure.

Among the symptoms of kidney failure are lack of appetite, nausea and vomiting, tiredness and difficulty in sleeping.

"Mahilig kasi ako sa maalat na pagkain nuon hanggang sa nagkasakit na ako. Nung nagkasakit, it was then I realized how imbalance my lifestyle was," she said.

"I was able to have a kidney transplant when I was 15, through the help of my sister, who was my donor," Meliton added.

After Meliton had a kidney transplant, she managed to change her lifestyle. She said she is now more on healthy diet.

"When you're told to cut back on sodium and potassium, do it. It's for your own good. Iwas lang sakit," Meliton said.

Meliton was born on August 10, 1985 in Esperanza town, Sultan Kudarat, and studied at Isulan National High School.

She was in Davao City last Monday with Dr. Guillano and other two survivors in celebration of National Kidney Month.

Guillano advised those with diabetes and hypertension to have annual urine tests to check the health of their kidneys.

Kidney ailments do not have symptoms until it reach stage four or five where dialysis or kidney transplant is required.

Guillano said kidney transplant can now be performed locally with 98 percent success rate. He also said lifestyle check and medical assessment are important to ensure one's health.

Meliton is now a happy plain housewife and a mother of two kids. She said she never regret anything from her past, instead, she learned from it.