DAVAO City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is still not running for president despite the close seven percent lead advantage of Vice President Binay in the latest Pulse Asia survey.

"I am not running. I explained to you, ang pamilya ko ayaw e. Una, reality check, wala jud koy kwarta. Ikaduha, dili jud gusto ang akong pamilya (Reality check, first I don't have money. Second, my family does not approve)," Duterte said Thursday.

Earlier, Duterte said that he would run if he would match Vice President Binay's ratings.

"Hindi, I said 91 percent, eh wala man," Duterte said.

As to the bearer of the federalism banner, he said that God will provide somebody and he could still be the spokesperson for federalism even if he will not run for president. (KVC)