DAVAO City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte vehemently denied a Commission on Audit (COA) report that the City Government hired thousands of non-plantilla workers last year without proper documents and guidelines.

COA said the City hired a total of 11,246 contracts of services personnel and job orders in 2014.

"That's impossible, we do not do that," Duterte reacted Thursday night, referring to the COA report.

He admitted that there have been job orders and that there has been no problem with this since the City has a list of those hired.

Irked by the COA report, Duterte said all contractual and job order personnel hired by the City have submitted necessary documents required of them.

"Naay COA sa ubos nganong wala man sila nag-ingon ana sa una nganong karon lang man, nganong i-question man nga trabaho man ang problema. What paper are we talking about nga naa mana listahan. It's a one page list (There's COA watching over this and why did they not tell us before about this, why only now. Why are they questioning those who work when the real problem are those who don't have work. What paper are we talking about here when we have the list. It's a one page list)," Duterte said.

He said it is the duty of the government to provide jobs.

"Natural daghan taong way trabaho e, that was job for everybody mao bitaw mag-unag hiring ang gobyerno, mao bitaw government spending ang mauna kay sa economy ang government mauna ug gasto aron mulibot ang kwarta (It's natural. There are many people without jobs, that is why the government is the first one to hire, and that the government spending comes first because in the economy the government spends first to circulate the money)," Duterte said, asking further why COA questioned the number of job orders "only now."

"Nganong karon man lang ni nga gibuhat naman nako na. Niadto paman na niadtong pag-mayor nako. Why only now? Nganong mangutana man mo karon. We have been doing it for several years and suddenly you popped out there (Why now when I already did it before. It was done even when I first started as mayor. Why only now?)," Duterte said.

He said he will resign and surrender to authorities if they COA can prove he has a share from the total fund allocated for hiring job orders.

"If they can produce one worker of the 11,000 and magsabing may pisong dumating sa akin, mag-reresign ako bukas at magpakulong ako bukas. For me, it's ok basta dumating lang yang pera sa mga tao at merong trabaho," Duterte said.