Thursday, September 20, 2018

Australian BPO firm expands operations in Clark Freeport

CLARK FREEPORT -- An Australian business process outsourcing company has expanded its operations inside the Freeport.

Beepo, an Australian-owned BPO firm, stated that it has found Clark to be a strategic location for recruiting highly skilled individuals that suit the requirements of clients.

Beepo employees have increased from 15 in April 2014 to 160 as of May 2015 representing a 967 percent increase.

Aimee Engelmann, chief executive officer of Beepo said their company's business growth is a testament to the "amazing talent" available in the region.

The company, which has been operating in the Freeport for a year, recently transferred its operations to a new building along the M.A. Roxas Highway near Philexcel Industrial Estate.

Engelmann said the expansion of the firm was due to various advantages of Clark for investments.

"We chose Clark for a number of reasons