AFTER finding out that 80 to 90 percent of the cargo trucks plying the streets of Cebu City have no delivery permits from the City Traffic Operations Management (Citom), Vice Mayor Edgardo Labella wants all delivery trucks strictly monitored.

“We should intensify the requirement for the trucks to secure delivery permits from Citom for the purpose of regulation,” said Labella.

All cargo trucks traveling within the city, including those coming from other cities, will be inspected to ensure that these have permits and do not carry contrabands or illegal items.

The monitoring will also serve as a preventive measure against vehicles involved in the transport of illegal drugs, he said.

Labella said they have always been thinking about a preventive aspect in the entry of illegal drugs. One of the areas often missed to be inspected are the inner parts of cargo trucks.

Wa man gyu’y ingon nga pagduda but it is prevention, monitoring and regulation,” said Labella.

He is planning to invite Cebu Truckers Association, Inc. (CTAI) president Gabby Cruz to apprise him and urge all their members to secure delivery permits.