THE Provincial Government said the canned tuna that brought diarrhea to two children in Tabogon did not come from Capitol.

Rose Jao, consultant of Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office (PSWDO), said the Province is not giving out tuna but canned sardines.

Jao said the Province only provided two brands of canned sardines and neither of them had the same brand as the one the children ate last Tuesday night.

The two children in Barangay Camoboan, Tabogon got ill after eating an imported canned tuna given to them by a neighbor.

TV5 Cebu earlier reported that the tuna was given by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources 7 for the fishermen in the area who were affected by typhoon Yolanda and members of the Ahon project.

“As far as the Province is concerned, we always assure the public of safe goods,” Jao said.

She said Capitol does not buy products that expire in less than two years.

PSWDO has advised the Provincial Health Office (PHO) to collect samples of the tuna to check if there was really food poisoning.

Dr. Cynthia Genosolango, head of PHO, said the girl, 5, and her brother, 1, are now safe.

Genosolango said they do not have the capability to do toxicology studies.

Father spared

The PHO head could not confirm that it was food poisoning considering that the father of the children was not vomiting or suffering from diarrhea.

She said it could be how the food was prepared or it could be that the children’s hands were contaminated.

“Always check the expiration date before consuming canned goods,” Genosolango said.