HOW often does Juan get excited from retirement? This time it will be my brother JB. He has been with the University of Baguio for more than 10 years. He will soon join the ranks of my Dad, Mom and me.

There was a time when my father will help us in our growth. He gave his all out support when I entered government. I also stayed for more than 10 years. It was my father’s idea that anything more than 10 years at your job may result to not wanting to leave and Juan being addicted to power and thus being corrupted. I believe so.

Dad also tells us that when we reach 40 we should have learned how to help in family dealings. It was also his teaching that by leaving early and moving on, there should be time now for family. Dad allowed us to leave our mark which we did.

For every planned retirement, we always celebrated with family abroad.

After I left public office we were treated by Dad and Mom for a much needed vacation in Great Britain.

When I was still in City Hall, I almost always missed family sojourns.

A family vacation for me would at most be a weekend. While I may have travelled quite a lot when I was in government it was always of official nature. And Dad never allowed me to travel if charged to public funds. He always reminded me that it was not our nature to travel abroad for free, or from funds not ours. So I followed.

Dad would also ask for Joy to always join me. This was our internal rule. This was how he did it and this was how he wanted us to follow.

True enough my best travel partner was Joy. She always does the packing, something I am still learning to do until now. To Mom and Dad it was always a waste of money to have some Juan pay for a room without sharing it. Joy it always was for me; he and mom before me; now JB and Gheni.

With Joy always by my side, especially on official functions, it was always appreciated by those hosting our stay. Whatever country it was, Joy and I were better accommodated. When I was given a scholarship for some training abroad from the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, Joy helped me out on my assignments and homework.

When I was asked to deliver a speech for the World Water Forum in Istanbul in Turkey, Joy was my listening ear before the speech was delivered before hundreds of delegates from around the world.

It was also Joy who fixed and attended to a booth that the City had in one Tourism Forum in Hangzou, China. More attention was given to me and the delegation if Joy joined. In one occasion we opted to cross borders from one country to another without a visa. Upon learning that Joy was a Certified Public Accountant they issued us one, not for who I am.

This time is JB's time. We were given a chance by Mom and Dad to all go to New York. When I say all, I meant all of us, including our children.

This is JB's coming out celebration. From here on, JB like me, will be able to attend to our family businesses and concerns and away from previous headaches. Maybe new headaches but less stress and more of "good" problems. This is what we were taught and told and we will respect it.

Dad for his part has already sacrificed and gave us his kids his part of the bargain and that was to relinquish his share to us and our kids.

To teach us how to make it grow, the way they both did with Mom. That is definitely something we would have to work hard for and carry on.

The challenges surely will be there but had it not been for Dad's early training, all these would have been for naught. We were taught very well I assure every Juan.

Before entering politics, Dad brought me in the Jaycees for some leadership training. It has of course been evidenced from having served in the highest office in the City. Learning public speaking and Parliamentary Procedures was a cinch and I was a natural in the City Council then later being the Presiding Officer. I just knew what to do even before taking on the challenge of being a public servant. I was well rounded as Dad introduced me to the YMCA, Rotary Club then the Boy Scouts.

Today there is still life after retirement as both me and my brother JB will continue what he has left behind for us. We are still students of this great teacher. We may have formally retired from government and the university, but we will continue as his students in this subject called LIFE.

Every Juan will surely have some story to share of their Dad. This is mine.