JUNE 21 is Father’s Day. Abraham is the father of all nations. Our president is the father of our country. I am the head of my family because I am a father. (The speaker of the house is my wife). We have God as our Almighty Father. Fatherhood is a symbol of strength and authority.

When we speak of Father’s Day, many things come to our mind. We have to give our father a special treatment on his day. The children (also grandchildren) have special plans for Dad. The wives have surprises for the husband. It could be the best food from the menu book like honey breasts and creamy thighs. They only need dressed (or undressed) chicken.

On Mother’s Day, the husbands prepared their wives with intimate lexicon. Now is the time for the wives to give their husbands outrageous standing ovation. Wives should do away with boring intimacies. They should look forward for something that could be overwhelmingly fulfilling but not expensive. Wives should consider proper planning of some scenarios so that the result will be absolutely unforgettable.

Activities on Father’s Day could be spiced up and fueled by your (wives) own steamy and slightly naughty imagination. Once, my wife and children made an exciting plan that made me write an exciting note for my ex-girlfriend (now my wife) and the rest of the activities ended in playfulness and sensuality that could be an important part of a loving, adult relationship.

If the plan turns out to be a romantic escapade, participants should have fresh breath, clean teeth, shampooed hair, and scrubbed skin. (It is the uniform you put on before the game of love, or any game for that matter.) Father’s Day should have elements of surprise.

On Father’s Day, a wife can serve the husband a special breakfast that is not found in the family menu book. She could appear before her husband in a Broadway attire displaying her “Victoria’s Secret.” That could be a sensuous breakfast. Now, can you imagine what he’s got for you in return?

Our situation could be this. Hide in your bathroom and yell for your sweetie, “Darling I need a towel here. It’s on top of dining table. Would you mind bringing it to me?”On top of the towel, write this in bold letters, “You are now on a treasure hunt. Bring the towel to me.” Your husband will be excited. Just be sure that he finds the treasure.

Or, you may request your husband to buy a tea for breakfast. He will insist that you already have a tea in the kitchen. Simply insist that you want a different tea, warm, honey-flavored tea! He will understand that and both of you can sing, "Tea for two, and two for tea, me for you, and you for me."

Give your husband another landmark surprise. Start by turning your bathroom into a paradise. Have beautiful flowers, candlelight, scented bath oil, and his favorite relaxing music on the stereo. Lead him to the tub and help him. (Treat him like a king.) Spend lots of time pampering him. His mind will relax and his skin will become alive. He will surely give a second thought for this royal treatment. There is more fun in the bathroom!

The wife can try the great outdoors. (This is my favorite.) Invite your husband, “Let’s go for a long walk, some place where we can study the birds, and the bees. “ Dress up for easy access. It could be a long, flowing skirt and a loose button-up blouse. (For a hike, you can try Patag in Silay).

The best place will probably be uphill – big rocks, overhangs and small crevasses. (Be sure there are no outside photographers.) Throw out a blanket and enjoy the scenery. Communicate with nature. If you don’t see any wild animals, you’ll just have to create one of your own.

Since you are in Patag already, when bedtime draws near, lead him outside into the night. Enjoy crisp air, a sprinkling of stars. Wrap your arms around him and enjoy the view. Tell him that he is greater by moonlight. You can both end resting on a sleeping bag.

You can be strangers in the night, exchanging glances, wondering in the night, what were the chances. You would be sharing love before the night was through. Happy Father’s Day!