BUSY si Matteo Guidicelli sa shooting sa iyang unang action movie.

Happy ang aktor sa new experience sa iyang career.

“The title of this film is Tupang Ligaw. It’s very exciting dahil all the action sequences, all the training is coming from my side,” ni Matteo.

“I have a group of security consultants coming in and we have two American guys, one Pinoy guy, he’ll teach all the techniques. All firearm techniques, and I’m very excited to show this dahil first time ‘to,” dugang niya.

Samtang nangandam sab karon si Matteo sa pag-release sa una niyang album.

“I’m really praying na by August ay ma-release ko na po ‘yung album ko. Plano ko ring mag-focus konti sa music. Actually four years na nga in the making ‘tong album na ito eh. All the planning and everything. And I just had a meeting with Star Records, sana tuluy-tuloy na ito and sana by this year, ma-release na namin.”