THE son of a barangay councilor was killed when he ran amok and attempted to stab a police officer in Paypay, Daanbantayan, Cebu last Friday evening.

Lyndel Nulia, 26, was shot by responding police officers when he resisted arrest. A concerned citizen had alerted the Daanbantayan police about a drunk person who was running amok.

“When we arrived at the place near his house, Nulia approached the vehicle and tried to hack me in the driver’s seat. I managed to stay out of his reach,” PO3 Leomar Ricaplaza said.

That time Ricaplaza was about to park his vehicle, whose front left portion was damaged by the attack.

The police officers got off and tried to pacify Nulia but he allegedly continued to hack at them.

PO3 Orland Condes, who was in the passenger’s seat beside Ricaplaza, tried to restrain Nulia but he fell to the ground.

This prompted Condes to shoot Nulia, who was hit in his chest and died.

In the police’s initial investigation, Nulia and his father, PayPay Barangay Councilor Danny Nulia, had a fight prior to the incident.

Ricaplaza said Nulia was upset when his live-in partner was not in the house.

Danny allegedly sided with Nulia’s partner, which angered the latter, who picked up a bolo and ran amok.

Nulia did not have any records for illegal drugs, but he was allegedly drunk at that time, the police said.

Nulia was taken to the hospital but was declared dead. (JOB)