A PRACTICING psychiatrist believes that the late PO1 Joel Lopez may have suffered from depression due to financial and mental pressures.

Dr. Rene Obra, head of the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center’s Center for Behavioral Sciences (VSMMC-CBS), said Lopez, who lost his job as a police officer four years ago, may have succumbed to stress due to problems with finances and raising his family.

Severe depression could often lead to other problems such as suicidal tendencies.

Obra said that people who are experiencing depression are often out of focus, always irritable, have poor concentration, can’t sleep soundly and are often not friendly with other people.

Obra believes that due to frustrations over losing his job and the failure to provide for his family, Lopez may have directed his anger toward himself and others.

Obra said he couldn’t further determine the circumstances of the incident since he has limited information on Lopez.

But he believes that people like Lopez can conquer their depression if they share their problems with others.

“Kung mo-share sila sa tawo nga naa silay salig, dili judgemental, who can keep a secret ug kanang naa sa otoridad ug naay taas nga paglantaw sa kinabuhi, mas ma-unburdened ang iyang problema (If they share it to someone they trust, who’s not judgmental, who can keep a secret and is an authority and has a wider view of life, they could unburden their problem better),” Obra said.

He also urged family members of persons whom they believe to be depressed to convince them to share their problems.

“Mangita gyud silag paagi nga mostorya na siya para naa sad siyay kapahungawan (They should look for ways to make them talk so they can vent),” Obra added.

Carcar City Mayor Nicepuro Apura said he was saddened by what happened to Lopez and his family.

Apura disclosed that Lopez was a childhood friend of his eldest son and former city councilor Anthony John Apura.

Apura said Lopez was often seen in church activities as a young man, serving as an altar boy then.

Apura said he plans to provide free burial services for Lopez and his family through the city’s SAKAR (Serbisyo Alang sa Kabus nga Carcaranon) program. (JKV)