CITY OF SAN FERNANDO -- Strong enforcement of laws will address the growing problem of traffic congestion in the city, a businessman said Tuesday, July 25

Alfrito Mah, multisectoral governance committee on public safety and order chairperson, said traffic laws and measures must be strictly enforced so that all motorists will observe them.

“The answer to our traffic problem is law enforcement. If we have the right rules and we implement it strictly, then we can address whatever problems we have on our traffic scheme now,” Mah said at the sidelines of the Traffic Summit 2017 held at the Heroes Hall.

Mah added that aside from the City Traffic Management Division, business owners and residents must also help in implementing traffic laws in the whole city.

He stressed that business establishments such as fast food outlets and groceries must provide parking spaces for their customers to avoid causing obstructions on the road.

“Kung walang parking sa fast food stall, mapipilitan ang tao na magpark kung saan may bakante na malapit at usually sa daan ‘yun. Same thing with private households. Bibili ng sasakyan pero walang parking. Saan ka magpapark? Pero kung may specified space na kayang i-accommodate ‘yung target customers mo or ‘yung mga sasakyan mo, then you already made your part in reducing the causes of traffic in the city,” he noted.

Mah, however, explained that the City Government do not want to dwell on one perspective in dealing with traffic problems but rather identify all the problems to provide a sustainable and lasting solution.

“That is the reason why we organized the traffic summit. We invited the private sector, the concerned citizen and transport groups so we can hear their perspective on the city’s traffic scheme and identify together the problems and solutions,” he said.

Once the problems are identified, crafting of solutions through law enactment will be easy and more sustainable, Mah said.

Mah added that the City Government, the private sector and all Fernandinos must act now while the problem is still under control and avoid imitating Metro Manila’s situation.

“The City of San Fernando’s traffic situation is not worst, but we are getting there so we must do what we can as early as today to avoid what needs to be avoided,” he noted.