Tuesday July 17, 2018

A Gastropub on that street once called Texas

THE name caught my eye immediately, The Epicurious Gastropub. It sounds cool, and the exterior reminded me of pubs.

Thus, when Miggy suggested we try the place, I quickly said yes.

Epicurious is at the Dover Lanes Building, one of the two duckpin bowling lanes in Davao City that has been there since the 1980s. It's along the stretch of what used to be called Texas Street (for old Dabawenyos), before this was referred to as Padre Gomez Street (as the old residents will argue that no, Padre Gomez ends at the corner of Humberto's or Palma Gil Street, and that short street is Texas). I would assume you would know the place by now.

It has a long list of offerings, thus making it difficult to choose. But with Miggy with us, then it's anything that a pesca-vegetarian can eat.
We started with the Black Calamari and noticed their list of Black food. Black Seafood Chowder, Blacked Salmon with Butter-Lemon, Blackened Rib Eye Steak with sauce Trio...

The problem with black food is that... it is never photogenic. It will always look like a blob. But that's okay because the Black Calamari was good.

We also ordered the baked scallops, which is again good, it disappeared in a few minutes (and that's because we were trying to be polite).

We also got the rib-eye, the salmon, Kani sticks wrapped in bacon, a white sauce pasta (I forgot which), and the Kani and Shrimp Pizza.

Just a suggestion here: Since the blackened salmon is the belly part, then serving it with butter more than lemon makes it too oily. Ramp up the lemon there, and a dash of salt.

By the time we were done, the night was starting to pick up and groups of people were coming in, apparently for the "pub" part of the gastropub.

Epicurious seems to have a steady flow of clienteles, which means it's good.

The Epicurious Gastropub is at the Dover Lanes Building at the corner of Bonifacio and Padre Gomez (alias Texas) streets where the tricycles park.