JON Snow is dead. Patay. And much to the grief and sorrow of countless Game of Thrones fans, including some former students who got traumatized, they are stunned beyond belief. It seems that the whole Stark family is doomed. Ned was beheaded, his wife and his son were murdered during the Red Wedding. His children are scattered all over the kingdoms. One became a cripple, one just recently blinded and the other just jumped from a castle wall. I do not know if she died but I will not be surprised if she does. But it was the death of Jon Snow that rocked the world of the Game of Thrones fans. Why? Why nga naman siya pinatay?

Well, he probably asked for it. He was the commander of the Night’s Watch and he decided to bring into the wall the most bitter of enemies of the Night Watch. So he got stabbed several times and those stabbings were not exactly pleasant. By now, it is famous or infamous. “For the watch.” You cannot say that these people stabbed Snow because they had no watches because watches at that time were still to be invented. They brutally stabbed him to death because they felt he was a traitor. As to whether indeed he was a traitor or a great leader, only time will tell. But still, Jon Snow is dead. Patay. And a lot of fans are outraged. Me? Honestly I was expecting it. I was not hoping it for it but at the back of my head, I had this suspicion that he would die. After Ned stark, after his wife and son were murdered, I always had this shock alert perennially open in my head. After all, if you could kill Ned Stark, you could kill anyone. No one is safe anymore.

So may characters have died, some shocking, some deserved like that king born out of incest. A lot of people were so happy when they that insane king died a most horrible of death. But people were saddened, shocked by the death of Snow. Why? He was a good guy compared to the rest. He was a good guy and he deserved something better or at least that is what we like to think and believe.

It is said that when we watch comedies, we should cry and when we watch tragedies, we should rejoice. Why? In simple terms, we should cry at comedies because the main character’s flaw becomes a major obstacle in the fulfillment of his/her destiny, he or she bungles along the journey and we laugh but in reality, we should all cry because we laugh at the follies and mistakes and the inanity.

On the other hand, we should applaud the tragedy because a tragedy exposes a character’s flaw but in spite that, he or she valiantly fights his/her way through. Sure, the character will fall short and be overwhelmed by forces but it is not the overwhelming that should be the focus but that strength and the courage in which the character showed in trying to defeat whatever that faced him/her.

With Snow it was clear; he defied so many things in so many ways. He had an affair with Ygritte, the wildling woman, something which shocked enemies and friends alike. He formed an alliance with the most hated of enemies. He had flaws or strengths, depending on how you looked at them but whatever they were, he chose them and faced the consequences. In the end, he was simply ran over, simply overwhelmed. He was snowed under. He was just being himself and he paid for it. But he was just being himself.

How many of us can do what he did? Face the fire, face the storm, face the darkness. Most of us would rather hide behind the wall than venture out into the unknown. Most of us would be satisfied with watching the night than going into the night. The Night Watch were White Walkers in their own way. Dead but not alive.

We only live when we embrace our true self and live it. And in that sense, let it Snow.