A TOWN official in Medellin, Cebu, surrendered his unlicensed firearm to the police on Monday morning, July 31.

Medellin Councilor Leonardo Montilla handed over his.9mm pistol marked with "Llama," with a license that expired in 2013, to Town Police Chief Arvi Arbuis.

Montilla's fellow municipal councilor, Ricardo Ramirez, was caught for keeping unlicensed firearms and drug paraphernalia by the Provincial Intelligence Branch-led operatives on Wednesday morning, July 26.

Seized from Ramirez were two M4/M16 rifles with telescope and eight steel magazines, a .30 rifle, a .22 rifle with telescope, two air rifles, a .45 pistol, 9mm pistol, magazines, bullets, empty shells, and a gun license.

State prosecutors did not grant bail for Ramirez's alleged violation of the law that prohibits illegal possession of firearms and ammunition.

On Friday noon, July 28, Kawit, Medellin Village Captain Oscar Banzon, a former priest, surrendered his unlicensed .22 rifle to Arbuis.

Arbuis urged the gun owners to surrender their unlicensed firearms to his office. (SunStar Cebu)