Tuesday July 17, 2018

Sangil: Stop desilting and quarrying any part of Sacobia River

AT THIS stage, everything seems to be hanging in the balance. Mayroon ba o wala? President Rodrigo Duterte wants the barangay elections to be postponed the second time, but the postponement needs congressional approval.

And the House of Representatives, particularly Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez and his bosom body, Ilocos Norte Congressman and presently the House majority leader are too busy waging wars against feisty women. Alvarez vs. Bureau of Customs chief of staff lawyer Mandy Anderson and Farinas vs. Governor Imee Marcos.

Anderson not only has the guts, but columnists say she has “balls” to call Alvarez an imbecile. In case you don't know, Anderson was commenting on the threat of Alvarez to dissolve the Court of Appeals. Her comment was posted on her Facebook account and it went viral. Unfortunately for Alvarez, the public seems to agree with the lady lawyer. Many, including this writer, took notice of the braggadocio of Alvarez lately. He is a complete contrast to his fellow Mindanaoan Senate President Koko Pimentel. The latter remains humble and simple. He is dignified unlike you know who.


On the other topic, do you remember this? Then First District Congressman Joseller “Yeng” Guiao filed a bill to create the lone district of Angeles City and 3rd District Congressman Oscar Rodriguez also filed a bill creating the lone congressional district for the City of San Fernando.

And in the senate, then Senator Manuel “Lito” Lapid filed a counterpart bill creating the lone congressional district of Angeles City. (In case you don't know, bills are to be passed by both houses and signed by the president of the republic before they become into law.) All of those filed bills never hurdled both houses. They were archived. And the present congressmen of the two districts, Jonjon Lazatin and Dong Gonzales seemingly have different views on political geography. No revival of the interests of previous solons before them.


Too bad if the scheduled October barangay elections will be postponed. The plan of former Congressman and Angeles City Mayor Tarzan Lazatin for a run in the barangay polls will be frustrated. By the way, you might be interested to know what keeps former Congressman Carmelo Lazatin busy these days after he suffered defeat in the last mayoral contest against Mayor Ed Pamintuan.

He is seldom seen in his jungle base in Baliti in the City of San Fernando. But my sources said he is into farming and do a lot of travelling. In some days he is in Romblon where he has a business interest there, or in Boracay where he has a rest house. He is even seldom seen in the cockpits and casinos.

But in some day you can chance upon him at the French Baker sipping an afternoon tea with some friends, and feeling relaxed. He is oftentimes seen with her dependable chief of staff former reporter I.C. Calaguas and son Councilor Pogi Lazatin.

My tweets:

+ Former Mayor Tarzan Lazatin and Mayor Ed Pamintuan trading barbs. Don't you think it is too early for that?

+ There is so much money at stake at the ancestral domain part of Clark Freeport, that's why you can expect quarrelling. Tens of millions of pesos yearly.

+ Suspending quarrying at the Sacobia River should now be prohibited. What was permitted there in the first place was not quarrying but desilting. There's a whale of difference. As it is now, there's no longer need for desilting.