A TOTAL of 1,200 people in Davao City will receive hearing aids by November, this year.

Davao City Councilor April Marie Dayap, said the Davao City Government signed a partnership in 2010 with the Starkey Hearing Foundation, a United States-based non-profit organization that committed to provide one million hearing aids within a decade.

The partnership will be done in two stages starting with the identification and training of partners who are the community-based health workers. This will start on August 12 to 15.

Part of this phase will also include identifying, screening and provisions of primary ear-care services to potential hearing aid candidates, gathering ear impression and the creation of custom earmolds.

It targets 1,200 people as beneficiaries.

Once the first phase is completed, Dayap said the eventual giving of hearing aids, or the Phase 2 of the project, is set in November.

Dayap said the distribution of the hearing aids will be done through the Starkey Hearing Foundation’s Wide Frequency Audibility Community Based Hearing Healthcare Program.

Moreover, the project will not only focus in giving hearing aids, but after care will also be provided. After care is where patients are followed up and given counseling and provide repair assistance to damaged hearing aids.

Starkey will also give a "Mainstreaming into Life" program where patients are given speech technique, coupled with parents and teachers training.

The foundation has already distributed hearing aids to more than a hundred countries.