DAVAO City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said on Sunday that he is not closing any doors in respect to his supporters.

“They are asking me to temper my outright refusal kasi parang yung iba kasi gumagastos at kung ganun ka magsalita parang binalewala ko na lang,” he said.

He thus said that he is all leaving it to God.

“Tutal yung presidency kung iyo yan iyo talaga yan. God will somehow find a way to put you there kahit ayaw mo,” Duterte said.

Duterte said that as a show of respect to his supporters, he will keep his doors open.

Meanwhile, the Duterte for President 2016 composed of barangay captains of the city have gotten new impetus to go around the country after seeing the rise in Duterte’s survey ratings.

Duterte for President 2016 Movement founder/president Kapitan Mar Masanguid with Duterte Federalism Movement President Alimoden Usman and other barangay captains will spread themselves out to various areas in the country.

"Kita sa movement naningkamot gayud ta diri nga mopataas pa ang ratings ni Mayor Duterte, kay kita man diri sa movement ang gigikanan kung unsa na ang sitwasyon karon sa pagdagan niya (We are doing our best to help Duterte’s popularity because the movement started it all)," said Masanguid. (KVC/With Jeepy Compio)