THE bowling community in Cebu has been yearning for support from the Cebu City Government through the Cebu City Sports Commission (CCSC) in terms of training and joining tournaments outside of Cebu.

According to Cebu Tenpin Association (Cetba) spokesperson Jake Harrison Yap, Cebu City, which has two bowling clubs, has already produced several bowlers that are now playing in the national team. These two clubs are Cetba and the Bowlingplex Tenpin Association.

“Cebuano bowlers have potential in the international scene just like what the two Cebuano bowlers Jomar Jumapao and Alexis Sy have achieved by representing the country in the recent Southeast Asian Games,” said Yap.

Not only did they represent the country, Sy also displayed an impressive performance in the 2015 SEAGames in Singapore by helping the PHL women’s team win two bronze medals—the team of five block 2 and in the trio Block 2.

With Cebuano bowlers already carving a name in the international scene, Yap believes it would be better that CCSC supports their programs by helping in providing coaches or anything that CCSC can provide them.

“It would be better if they (CCSC) support the bowling community programs,” said Yap.

According to CCSC chairman Edward Hayco, for them to support the program of the bowling community in Cebu, they can create a CCSC grassroots program.

“The policy of the sports commission is that they have to create a grassroots program for the commission to support. That’s our philosophy. We are not pressuring them to produce a medal in every sport they join.

We adopted non-medal-oriented sports program, but a community outreach program. Once they have themselves immersed in the program, they’ll understand what it’s all about,” said Hayco.

Yap said he plans to discuss with the Cetba board of directors the idea of putting up a CCSC grassroots program.