COFFEE shops in the city have become ubiquitous and are offering something unique about their shops to lure patrons. This uniqueness offering may vary from how their coffee tastes to the ambience of their shops that they fit to the personalities of the coffee drinkers they target.

Some international chain coffee shops have come to open here, yet local coffee entrepreneurs did not budge and are taking the challenge head on to capture their niche in the coffee industry.

Kagay-anons are a picky market. They want something that could fill their cravings be it caffeine, milk tea or smoothies and ambience does matter to them since coffee perks up senses.

At Bikes N’ Barrels at the uptown area, you can have your coffee-fix in a calm environment with an extreme and rare concept.

The business venture has actually been a last minute decision by the owners said Bikes N’ Barrels manager Venice Villo. But what a great decision it was. The uptown area in the city has quite a few coffee shops or places to go where students can study and families and friends can chill and spend time together.

What seems so unique with Bikes N’ Barrels?

From the tough and ragged name itself, it revolves around the concept of Harley Davidson bikes and gun barrels, inspired by the owners who are enthusiasts of both hobbies. Outside the shop are six of the owners’ Harley Davidson bikes where customers can take photos of themselves beside them or even on them.

Every Friday, bikers gather with their big bikes and meet other aficionados of the passion for bikes.

Despite how tough the outside looks, it is a lot calm and elegant inside. Do not get intimidated by their classic, monotone interior. Local artist Franz Tatad designed it by hand, using only chalk, to complete the artsy look of the coffee shop to elevate its ambiance.

True blends of American taste

Aside from the concept and design, they also serve true blends of American taste such as their coffee and burger. One of the owners of Bikes N’ Barrels, Jola Abshire, has lived in the States for 28 years and she has been a coffee-lover ever since.

When she came back here in the city, she has yet to find the right mixture of the coffee that she loves. Unsuccessful to find the fusion she was used to, she made her own, the Jola’s Blend, a Columbian super strong coffee brew which is smooth to taste. Aside from her coffee, she made the recipe of their American Backyard Burger, with lean meat spiced with American spices and topped with onions, bell pepper and garlic.

Just like Jola, the owners are very hands on with the whole business, from the conceptualization up to making the food and beverages they serve.

Filipino delicacies

The coffee shop also sells non-coffee-based drinks and Filipino delicacies such as Biko to compliment their beverages.

The coffee shop is open from 6 a.m. until 2 a.m. the following day. If you are not a coffee buff beside it is a restobar under the same name which opens from 4 p.m. up to 2 a.m.

The restobar adds up to making the Pueblo community liven up even more.

Bikes N’ Barrels opened on June 27 and offered a 5 percent discount on the customers that day.

Better yet, bring your Harley Davidson bike and get 10 percent discount on their products. (Patricia Ysabel D. Tabian, AdMU intern)