Saturday July 21, 2018

Smartmatic’s tamper-evident system foils election fraud in Venezuela

SMARTMATIC announced yesterday that its system had revealed that the results of the recent National Constituent Assembly elections in Venezuela made public last Sunday were not correct, leading it to disavow the results. “Our system is tamper-evident. There is no way for anyone to manipulate the election without the system knowing about it. And this is exactly how we discovered that the results announced did not match those of the system,” Mugica stated.

Mugica emphasized that this incident happened outside the system and did not involve the company’s electronic voting platform. “The machines counted 100% accurately. The system’s integrity is 100% intact, and in fact, it revealed the manipulation. The absence of watchers from the opposition opened the opportunity for this unfortunate incident to happen,” he added.

Mugica said that any election is vulnerable to authorities disregarding official consolidated results at the national tabulation center in the absence of watchers. “This is why, in all previous elections since 2004, representatives from all the political parties have been present in the Tabulation Center when the results report is issued to have access to the same information. In this election, witnesses from opposition parties were not present,” Mugica added.

In a written statement, Smartmatic said that its system self-reports any attempt to interfere with it. “This means that the system is designed to protect the votes from any manipulation and to immediately identify and alert of such an attempt. This security feature is achieved by combining a series of auditing mechanisms, intrinsic to the system, that are impossible to circumvent.”

“Smartmatic has stood behind all the results of the elections held in Venezuela from 2004 to 2015, regardless of what political party won. When President Chavez won in 2004, we did not hesitate to endorse those results based on the many safeguards of our platform and the multiple audits that were carried out. This has always been the case in each and every election thereafter, including when President Maduro won in 2013 by a razor thin margin, or when the opposition won the majority of the National Assembly in 2015,” the statement further said. (PR)