MALAGOS Chocolate bags international awards again after their Malagos 100 percent Unsweetened Chocolate and Malagos 65 percent Dark Chocolate each received distinctions from the 2017 Great Taste competition in London, United Kingdom.

Last Thursday, August 3, Malagos Agri-Ventures Corporation released an announcement about their win in Great Taste, a fine food competition in London which is acknowledged to be a benchmark for quality food and drinks. To date, this is the Malagos Chocolate’s 9th international award.

Under the Food Category 419, which is any other hot drink including hot chocolate, Malagos 100 percent Unsweetened Chocolate received a 1-Star accolade. This is the 2nd Great Taste award given to the 100 percent variant.

A 1-Star accolade was also given to Malagos 65 percent dark chocolate under Food Category 902 – Chocolate bars (dark, milk, and white). This is the first time the said variant was able to win an award in this competition.

According to a statement released by Malagos Agri-Ventures Corporation sales and marketing head Rex Puentespina, there had been a total of 12,300 products judged for the competition and only around 35 percent were given awards.

Just two months ago, Academy of Chocolate Awards in United Kingdom awarded Silver to the Malagos 100 percent pure unsweetened chocolate and Bronze for Malagos 65 percent Dark Chocolate and Malagos 72 percent Dark Chocolate, respectively. Their 85 percent Malagos Dark Chocolate also received commendation during the same competition.