ESCAPADE. It was a very memorable and fun three-day escapade at Dakak Park and Beach Resort in Dipolog that singing businesswoman Hildi Montesclaros a.k.a. Ate Ging tendered for some personnel of the production and editing departments of the Cebu Catholic Television Network (CCTN) channel 47. The tour began with a noontime river cruise that lasted for an hour and a half. It was similar to the Loboc river cruise in Bohol that also offers a sumptuous lunch for the guests while a male singer keeps on entertaining them at the same time.

COPY. I have yet to hear of a similar tour package here in Cebu. For instance, they can copy the river cruise offering and do it in some of the municipalities here, and there is nothing wrong with that. Cebu has plenty of rivers that can be explored or tapped for this kind of tourism activity. This will definitely be a major income source for the towns and job opportunities for the locals particularly entertainers like singers and cultural dancers.  

SONGS. Back to our Dakak escapade. Ate Ging performed some romantic songs inside The Pirates’ Bar and did a duet number with Rebecca,

the in-house entertainer. Before proceeding to their respective cottages, she and Tess Diez, Perla Valencia, Debbie Sta. Cruz and Jennyrica Vidad took the dance floor when Rebecca and her accompanists did the chacha and other danceable selections. It was a fun party like no other. 

STATION. I heard a local cooperative has just purchased one of the two radio stations situated near the Capitol. I hope the new management will include more entertainment-format programs in addition to the number of commentary as well as news and public affairs presentations. 

SERENATA. A few columns back, I challenged the Cebu city government to revive the weekly Serenata musical presentation that was implemented during the incumbency of Mayor Florentino Solon. Back then, it was staged in the different barangays. Now, if I may suggest, in order to lessen the budget and hassle on the part of the city, the weekly musical treat will have to be presented in one venue only. I propose that it be done at Plaza Independencia as a free entertainment to the general public. But are the musical instruments that were purchased by the city still intact? Or were they sold--and if yes, how much has been raised from the sale? Will some city authorities enlighten the public on this? 

CONCERT. It will be a two-night concert that U.S.-based entertainer Jo Awayan will stage for us Cebuanos on June 26 and 27 at Level 8 of Adnama in Mandaue City. The show starts at 10 p.m. My good friend Prisca Niña Mabatid, the lady behind Basta Pinoy Production, says the two-night gig titled Live Wire will definitely showcase Jo’s very powerful singing voice and delightful way of entertaining the members of the audience that made her one of the popular performers in the ‘80s here before she left for the U.S. For ticket purchases, call or text cellphone number 0933-043-3485 and look for Adil.