THERES' nothing like collaborating with a long time friend on a show or any type of project. There’s a natural progression to things, there are no lulls, and everything is just free-flowing. Not a lot have that opportunity. But for the lucky ones; to them—it certainly doesn’t feel like work.

Also, with so many viewers of the show, it’s impossible for the hosts not to get noticed. Gabi remembered a time when someone tapped her on the back in public, just to say to her, "I saw you [on TV]!"

When it comes to their dynamic, theirs is a nice and nutty blend of different personalities as seen both on and off the camera—Tony’s charismatic disposition, Gabi’s bubbly character and Joah’s soft spoken nature and street smart attitude. Add the spontaneity and it all makes the show more appealing.

“It’s not a scripted show. It’s very improvised. Everything just free flows and it all clicks so well,” Gabi said. "If we freeze, we do another take. But sometimes we just go with it because there were times when we froze which looked awkwardly funny, but it was still good,” Joah added.

This on-screen chemistry took a while figuring out, just as like other kinds of friendships. It took a while for everyone to get to know each other but eventually everyone was in sync. “The more time you spend with someone, the more you pick up their body languages, their facial expressions, the way they respond to certain kinds of things,” Gabi said.

With heavy doses of witty banters and funny puns here and there, it’s no question that everything is as natural as it can be, which was imperative and what Tony, being the creator of the show, was pushing for. “I wanted it to be natural, which people really appreciate now. What we try to do is something new, at the same time, we want to show everyone that we're just a bunch of friends talking and having fun,” he said.

Weekend Warriors airs every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. on channel 30 at Sky Cable.