THE promotion of the 32nd Kadayawan Festival heats up, a Davao City Tourism Operation (CTOO) official said.

CTOO officer-in-charge Generose Tecson said last Thursday, August 3, that P500,000 from the P1.5 million promotional budget was used for the installation of 12 Kadayawan billboards outside the city - mainly Metro Manila, Iloilo City, Dumaguete City and Cebu City.

Tecson added that more tarpaulins and posters will be put up next week.

"Because of the varied happennings in our city and neighboring provinces, we have to admit that it may affect the arrival of tourists during the festival week so we are amplifying our promotion, even outside the city," Tecson said.

She also said that the Francisco Bangoy International Airport will be decorated by the festival committee days before the start of the festival week with tribal dancers performing from 5 a.m. until the last flight in the airport.

There will also be random road shows in cities that have direct fights going to Davao City this week.

"We are heavily marketing outside Metro Manila because we want to invite tourists not from Metro Manila alone. We want the whole Philippines to see that it is fun and especially safe to join a festival here in our city," Tecson said.

Also, she said the festival committee is partnering with various regional television media in the country to showcase the 32nd Kadayawan's audio-visual presentation.

Tecson also confirmed that various bloggers from different Southeast asian countries are arriving to feature the festival in their web outputs.

Kadayawan Festival Week will start on August 14 at Magsaysay Park and will end on August 20 with the famous Pamulak sa Kadayawan.