Saturday July 21, 2018

August is month of fashion at Abreeza Mall

AUGUST will surely be a fashion-filled month at Abreeza Mall as the Davao Fashion Design Council (DFDC) lined up a number of shows.

DFDC president Aztec Barba and its secretary Emi Englis and Kadayawan Festival director Gatchi Gatchalian announced the line up during the Abreeza Fashion Forum on August 1.

As emphasized by Englis, who is also part of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) 11's Designers Pool, the shows will not only highlight creativity as these will showcase the rich culture of Davao's tribes as well.

The month kicked off with the Davao Fashion Weekend from August 4 to 6, which practically owned the shopping destination's Activity Center.

On August 4, the FurnitureXFashion was formally opened highlighting the Davao designers' interpretation of world-renowned furniture and jewelry designer Ann Pamintuan. Garments by DFDC were displayed along with the famous designs of the Surigao-born artist and Mindanao Trade Expo (MTE) founder.

On August 5, the Fashion Summit took place with speakers giving tips among fashion and design students and young designers in how to succeed in their chosen field. Carlo Ebeo, Leonardo Rey Carino and Al Nezzar Ali talked about Cultural Appropriation and Appreciation, while Englis and Artistry focused on Trends Forecast.

On August 6, a fashion show that will parade garments inspired by the 11 Kadayawan tribes of Davao by the DFDC members, the Ann Pamintuan-themed pieces displayed at the exhibit, a “Kadayawan Faces” showcase featuring makeup brand Artistry, and high street fashion from Abreeza Mall’s own luxe brands took center stage.

Habi Kadayawan is another exciting activity. This is a project of the Kadayawan Executive Committee together with the DFDC which aims to illustrate the rich heritage of the 11 Kadayawan tribes—Sama, Maguindanaon, Iranun, Ata, Klata-Guiangan, Tausug, Kalagan, Ovu-Manuvo, Tagabawa, Matigsalug, and Maranao—through a fashion accessory design competition.

In this competition, 13 finalists made up of both professional designers and aspiring design enthusiasts vie to win the first prize of P100,000, the second prize of P50,000, the third prize of P30,000, and the honourable mention awards of P5,000 each.

The finalists, who graced the Abreeza Fashion Forum, were Bea Angela Abrigo, Carmaela Alcantara, Andi Amora, Sharen Arriola, Junnie Artajo, Lissete Castillo, Lala Chua, Maan Chua, Arwin Meriales, Mai Ongkiko, Yvette Celis Punzalan, Goldie Siglos, and Renee Francesca Sinfuego.

From August 11 to 17, the Mindanao Trade Expo 2017 will finally happen. Visitors will not only get the first dibs at local designers' latest products, but they will also get the chance to enjoy other great finds from all over Mindanao, such as home furnishing and food items.

August 11 will not just mark the opening of the 23-year-old exhibit, since the Matigsalug Indigenous Crafts Project Branding will be launched on that day as well. This seeks to build a comprehensive crafts livelihood program for the members of the Matigsalug Council of Elders Marilog District Davao City, Inc. It is the result of the collaborative efforts of DTI and Aboitiz Power subsidiary Therma South, Inc., with the involvement of TADECO, Yvette Bags and Beads Collection, Great Gifts, and Maria Vinecrafts.

Don't miss these activities! See you on August 11 at the MTE 2017 opening!

Thanks to Abreeza Mall for the photos!


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