IN HIS first few days as the new commander of the 303rd Infantry Brigade (IB), Colonel Francisco Delfin said he can already feel the support of the different stakeholders for his efforts and programs, especially on peace development for Negros Occidental.

During the Media Night organized by the 303rd IB in Bacolod Friday, Delfin expressed gratitude to the members of the local press whom he said are serving as instrument of reaching out to the people, informing them how military forces can help them and contribute to the development of the society.

The new brigade commander said one of his priority programs is development of the youth.

The church has already manifested support in coming up with an activity like the Youth Leadership Summit that will gather younger generations and further enhance their potentials, Delfin said.

“The youth especially those out-of-school is now very vulnerable to many vices and crimes like illegal drugs, he said, adding that “they should realize that they are potential leaders in the future.”

Delfin also said that the brigade will continue the programs for the protection and conservation of environment like conducting tree-growing activities.

Moreover, the commander assured that their fight against insurgency will continue “as those hiding will continuously be sought until they return back to the government’s side.”

Report on the recent burning of heavy equipment, which was allegedly committed by rebels, is a good indication that lawless elements are now having hard time in soliciting support from the people, Delfin noted.

Delfin was formerly the inspector general of the 3rd Infantry Division (ID) in Jamindan, Capiz before he assumed his present position effective June 8. He succeeded Brigadier General Jon Aying who is now the assistant to the Deputy Chief of Staff for Plans, J5 at the general headquarters of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.