A BACOLOD City councilor urged the Bacolod City Water District (Baciwa) to obtain an authority from the City Council to conduct road excavation.

City Councilor Caesar Distrito on Sunday, August 6, said they noticed that Baciwa have some ongoing road excavations in various areas that causes traffic congestion.

“It is necessary for Baciwa to inform us and to request an authority to use the road for excavation because under the law, any matter concerned with the utilization of our roads is within the jurisdiction of the SP (City Council)," Distrito said.

The councilor added: “I do not know if they have a permit to conduct excavations, but even if they have a permit they should coordinate with the Bacolod Traffic Authority Office (BTAO) for the deployment of traffic enforcers.

He said that the road excavations cause inconvenience to the motorists for lack of coordination with BTAO.

“We have to implement the power of the SP (City Council) to regulate our roads and to address the traffic congestion,” Distrito said.

He said Baciwa should get an authority from the City Council to inform the public that there is an ongoing excavation or construction that affects the flow of traffic in a particular area.

“They should get an authority from us whether it is a local or national road, and I will file a resolution for this,” Distrito added.