Thursday July 19, 2018

Fated for each other

JANUARY 2012, two souls crossed ways.

In a marathon in Cebu City last January 2012, a goal-oriented lady, Aeda Mae Siao, captured the sight and heart of a then law student, Jett Roy Sanchez.

“To be honest when we met last five years ago, it wasn’t love at first sight. But, it is something I can’t explain or describe,” Aeda shared.

Both were ultra-marathoners, engaged in active lifestyle. They had few common friends within the running community.

Jett, who is based in Davao City pursued Aeda who’s working in Cebu, got in touched through online and frequently visiting her in Cebu. It was four months of courting until.

April 2012, two souls commit in a relationship, mutually.

“I said yes to be his girlfriend,” Aeda said adding she saw the determination of Jett to win her, thus her decision.

Both had quite a number of same interests: running, eating and travelling.

But their relationship was not as easy as it was shaken by distance.

“It’s up and down, it is an on and off relationship. We had a lot of challenges in between, brought by our work. I’m into sales and marketing while he’s in law school, both are very stressful, actually we are amazed about how overcome it as couple,” she said.

In January 2017, Aeda moved to Davao City as she was to supervise a company project here. This time, distance became a no issue.

August 5, 2016, ring was offered, yes was the answer.

Jett, who’s more than sure to marry Aeda asked her the romantic way he know.

“When I visited last August 2016, he asked me to help him close a deal with his client on an annulment case, I accompanied him in a café, little did I know, the café was already closed then there was a band performing and videographers and photographers were actually around to capture the moment, he asked me the question, of course, I said yes,” Aeda shared.

She added that though they had different beliefs and values in life they complement and respect each other. The couple always engaged themselves in healthy discussions on politics, life, and religion. “What I like about him the most is his being family-oriented, also, he trusts me and allows me to grow, he also is my critic, the more he criticized me, the more I excel. We are each other’s number one supporter and critic,” she said.

June 17, 2017, two souls vowed before the Church, promised to journey the rest of their lives, together.

After nine months of preparation, the two finally got married at Padre Pio Chapel in General Santos City.

“From now and forever, I vow to carry you and to be carried by you, to journey with you and to love each minute because we will be true example of forever, we will live a life of constant adventure,” Jett told Aeda, now his wife.

He narrated that some five years ago nobody pictures them to be saying the vow. But through time, distance and other circumstance, their relationship was tested, survived because they hold and believe in each other more than anything else.

Aeda, also is thankful, to herself and the fate, because if she could have done something different in the past, chances are, she might not be able to meet her love of her life.

As partners, both said, it is but important to have individual goals and common goals as couple.

Marriage, for them, is a blessing and opportunity to raise a happy family. But they also underscored that it should not be a hindrance to achieve their goals, believing both should allow each other to grow and reach their maximum potentials for their family’s future.