Thursday July 19, 2018

Health authorities warn of rising leptospirosis cases

LINGAYEN, Pangasinan -- Health authorities in Pangasinan have expressed alarm over the rising number of leptospirosis cases in the province since January this year.

Provincial Health Officer Dr. Ana Theresa de Guzman revealed there are already 56 cases of leptospirosis recorded by her office from January to August this year, which is almost 50 percent higher than last year's 38 cases.

Of the 56 cases, seven died of the ailment.

De Guzman said statistics shows that most of those afflicted with leptospirosis were from 25 to 35 years old or members of the active work force in the province.

They are either construction workers or farmers who could have been infected with leptospira bacteria after it entered their bodies through open wounds in their extremities or feet.

The Provincial Health Office warned construction workers and other workers that if they cannot avoid wading in floodwaters because of the nature of their work, they should always wear rain boots for their protection.

The symptoms of leptospirosis are high fever, yellowing of the skin, muscle pains, and yellowish urine.

Leptospirosis is a disease that occurs when the bacteria leptospira coming from urine of animals get into the body through open wounds.

The bacteria is often mixed in flood water or mud on the streets or farms. (PNA)