Monday July 23, 2018

Home is where the stomach is

BE Grand Resort, Bohol takes a culinary trip back home as it introduces new—yet familiar—additions to its two restaurants, The Food Hall and the Bridge Bar. Back when the restaurant first opened in 2015, The Food Hall served solely Italian food as the resort noticed the lack of Italian restaurants in the island. However, guests still looked for Asian food—specifically, Filipino! Filipinos craved native flavors, while foreigners desired local food. Hence, the resort decided to launch new items on the menu.

The culinary minds behind the resort’s new food offerings are Chef Mike, who specializes in provincial Filipino cuisine and Chef Clifford, who is well versed in traditional Chinese fare.

BE Grand’s Asian Bistro at The Food Hall introduces seven new dishes, featuring Asian classics and Filipino favorites: King Prawn with Chili-Mango Salsa, local king prawns nestled in crispy wonton cups filled with chili-mango salsa; Mango Kani, a salad featuring a bright mix of greens, diced fresh mangoes, shredded crab stick and shrimp with roasted sesame and drizzled with Japanese mayo dressing; BE Grand’s Ngohiong Roll, made of pork chunks marinated in spices and wrapped in bean curd sheets before frying to crisp perfection—resembling kikiam—and served with a dipping sauce made from fermented soy beans; Chicken Binakol, ginger-sauteed chicken, coconut meat, lemongrass, papaya and native chili leaves stewed in fresh coconut water; Bohol Seafood Bouillabaisse, squid, shrimp and crab sauteed in peanut butter and topped with vegetables with Chef Mike’s homemade shrimp paste on the side; and Spicy Beef Hofan, strips of beef tenderloin stir-fried with garlic, ginger, kuchay leaves, sesame seeds, scrambled egg and chili bean paste tossed with hofan noodles.

At the Bridge Bar, the new additions are more classic: Spicy Arrabbiata Pasta, spaghetti in arrabbiata sauce made from garlic, tomatoes and dried red chili peppers cooked in chili oil; Paella Cubana—the classic Spanish rice dish cooked with assorted seafood and chicken in annatto oil and topped with black and green olives and garlic aioli; and Buffalo Wing, crispy chicken wings served in three sauce variants: blue cheese, spicy BBQ and creamy mustard.

Cap a meal on a sweet note with BE Grand’s signature Halo-Halo, albeit deconstructed and served ala do-it-yourself. The crushed ice topped with ice cream is served separately on a coconut shell, with a bevy of topping options on the side—15, to be exact—from kaong and nata de coco to sapin-sapin and ube jam.

While it’s always fun to try something new, one can’t deny: Nothing beats a taste of home.

BE Grand Resort, Bohol is located at BE Grand Drive, Barangay Danao, Panglao, Bohol.