Thursday July 19, 2018

Legaspi: Going slow

LAST week, I spent four days in the hospital because of so many complications. I had diabetes, pneumonia, flu, dengue, and asthma. Thanks to the love of my wife Judy, daughter CJ, Nanay, Tatay, Manong Bong, Toto Edjie, Maila my brother Crem and his daughter Kyla. My physicians Doctors Rafael Jocson and Rafaelito Salvador healed me with their care and concern. The care of the nurses and staff of The Doctors' Hospital really sped up my recovery. I would also like to thank Judy Mendoza for her "healing powers." It was through her that my platelet count shot up rapidly.

The days I spent in the hospital gave me a chance to really ponder and wonder at the goodness of the Lord. It was a time for me to take a rest and to slow down. It was like a bell ringing on me that I am no longer a teenager and I need to change my lifestyle. It seemed that a door to a new dimension opened and someone was telling me to slow down.

Life seems to be traveling so swift. It seems that weeks are shortened into days, days into an hours, hours into minutes, and minutes into seconds. Take note of how time flies, it was like yesterday that we celebrated the new year, now we are days away from the –ber months. I always adhere to the old cliché that “time flies for those who have worked well but time crawls for those who have nothing to do." However, today, it seems that even when one has nothing to do still, time flies so fast.

A great thinker once said that the measurement of time is relative although time is universal. Why is time relative yet universal? It is relative depending on where one stands. It is day time in the Philippines but it is night time in the other parts of the world. Time is measured through the movement of the sun. It is universal for almost everyone agrees that when there is the sun, it is daytime, and darkness is night time and time is measured according to a 12- or 24-hour cycle. This is the universality of time.

My professor in Metaphysics, Mons. Ben Villanueva, would tell us that time is the duration when an action is completed or consumed in doing a task. Time should be taken as it ticks. Every movement that one does should be meaningful towards the attainment of the perfection of a certain task. We have to live time as it ticks. We have to live the present moment. It is only in this where we could really feel the real essence of the action. Most often, we are too busy that we no longer keep track of time. We often lose the meaning of actions due to the swiftness of time. We always want to go ahead of time. We always want to live in the future. We set our alarm clocks not to sleep but to wake us up in the future. We go to school too early, only to wait for the time. We go to the airport 45 minutes to an hour before the flight to wait.

Sometimes our bodies give up for pushing it too much to beat time. For me, I have been beating time most often. I would set deadlines for myself and often come out earlier than expected. However, at this time and age, we need to slow down and really feel what we are doing and live every moment of our lives. So being in the hospital gave me the realization that life is short and to really live it according to each moment. It is time to slow down.


Birthday greetings to Rev. Fr. Eduardo Celiz Jr., OAR, president of UNO-Recoletos.

Eternal rest grant unto Fr. Pedro Escanillas, OAR, Lord. Let Perpetual Light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen.

St. Ezekiel Moreno, St. Lorenzo Ruiz, St. Pedro Calungsod, Pope St. John Paul II, Mons. John Liu and Su, Fr. Cornelio Moral, OAR, Fr. Loreto Dacanay, OAR, Manoy Bill, and Sir Faraon Lopez, pray for us.