Monday July 16, 2018

Pet Kind of Love: Gryffin

Pet owner: Patty Taboada
Pet name: Gryffin (@gryffinthechow)
Pet breed: Chow Chow

Tell us an interesting story about your pet?

Since I’ve taken Gryffin out on an almost-weekly basis, he loves car rides—so much to the point he wants to come with me every time I go out. He can tell when I’m getting ready to leave, so he waits expectantly by my door, and then by my car. He has claimed the front passenger seat as his own and will jump in when he thinks no one’s looking.

What’s the best thing about your pet?

I know a lot of dog owners say that their pets can be really sweet and thoughtful, and Gryffin’s no different. He’s not the type of dog who licks people a lot, but on days when I’m feeling down, he just knows—he’d come to me, lick my cheek and then give a big doggy smile when he gets my attention. He also jumps up to give me a hug, which is a nice welcome when I get home.

What tip can you give to people who want to be responsible pet owners?

Socialize them well, especially at an early age (but make sure they’ve had their shots, of course!). While Chow Chows are extremely loyal to their owners, they’re notorious for being aggressive towards strangers. Taking Gryffin out frequently to interact with other people and pets has made him a very sweet and friendly dog.