Monday July 23, 2018

Real Steel Corporation goes ‘green’

SAN SIMON – “No to pollution, yes to clean and green!”

This was the battlecry of the management and staff of Real Steel Corporation as it started the greening project this week around the vicinity of the smelting plant.

Real Steel Corporation Pollution Control Officer Cyril Hilario said the smelting plant management wants to be involved in the clean and green programs of the local government through its corporate social responsibility program.

She disclosed that more than a thousand plants in pots will be placed inside and outside the smelting plant as its shares in the environmental projects of the local government here.

“Our bosses and all the staff are united in protecting and preserving the environment and this is one of the many proposed projects that will benefit our Mother Earth,” Hilario said.

Hilario cited the importance and benefits of having plants around a community, especially in an industrial zone which houses a lot of manufacturing and smelting plants.

She stressed that carbon dioxide, which is emitted by the plant during its operation, is captured by plants and produces in return essential oxygen needed by humans and other living things in the environment.

Aside from the greening project, Hilario disclosed that management is also set to conduct clean-up drives and tree planting activities to support its environmental projects.

“Real Steel Corporation is really committed in protecting and preserving the environment. This may be a little action, but when combined together, it will mean a lot to our communities, especially that climate change is already here,” she said.