Monday July 16, 2018

Truly, flavors of Asia

TWO friends wanted to have dinner, both having no idea where to eat. It was thus timely that Deng earlier mentioned a new place she saw, Flavors of Asia at that new wing of Bricklane along Guzman Street in Barrio Obrero.

For the typical Dabawenyo who do not go by street names, Guzman is the street behind Gaisano Mall of Davao, the one that connects to San Pedro Hospital. Bricklane, on the other hand, is the compound of bars and restaurants where Business Class is along Palma Gill Street, the street where there is a Central Convenience Store at the corner in Bajada.

It was a pleasant evening where every food you ordered was good. We would have wanted to order more, but there were just three of us. In fact, we ordered more than three could ever consume. But that's the only way to taste as many.

We got the fresh spring rolls, which had the perfect blend of freshness and the distinct taste of mint. We got the molo soup, which had a hint of anise in it, reminding you that this is about Asian dishes. Our main dish was the Beef Tenderloin with Three Kinds of Mushrooms and Cereal Shrimp in Salted Egg Sauce. We ate that with the Bagoong Fried Rice. Everything was perfect, except one: the Spinach Sambal.

Actually, the Spinach Sambal is good, except that there was too much Sambal on it, it was super salty. Just a third of the sambal topping would have been perfect. We had to scrape off the paste to enjoy the spinach.

Over-all, there's a lot of good food to explore there. It requires a second visit. We're serious about our suggestion of putting less sambal on the spinach, though.