Thursday July 19, 2018

Pangan: Capas on the rise

THE municipality of Capas is definitely on the rise, what with Clark Green City on the road to progress.

Three officials of the municipality of Capas came to the city hall of Mabalacat last Tuesday, August 8, to inquire about the guidelines of building up a case for the eventual conversion of the municipality into a component city.

The trio led by the municipal accountant Roland Domingo and assisted by
Mrs. E. A. Dizon, Budget Officer and Engineer Sonia Compra, OIC, MPDC, were attended to by this writer who was a member of the Technical Working Group for the City of Mabalacat, Santi Daquis and Jay Manalo. Irish Tolentino handed them the printed guidelines for the conversion.

They initially were looking for Rosan Paquia, City Administrator and concurrent CPDC, to ask technical questions but the latter was in a meeting at Clark.

After a few exchanges, they left with some directions and instructions like setting up their TWG to handle the legwork which require lots of patience.

At least the trio had started the work for the conversion of the municipality.

It would take some time before Capas becomes a member of the League of
Cities of the Philippines, but it will come in due time. Paspas, Capas!


Waning credibility. Commission on Elections Chair Andres Bautista should be an examplar of moral uprightness, professionalism and high degree of integrity.

As the Comelec chair, he is the head of a powerful constitutional body in charge of holding free and honest elections.

All the finest attributes of chairman Bautista are put to the greatest test and scrutiny waged by his wife of 17 years, Patricia Paz Bautista.

The goodwill, reputation and professional competence of Andres Bautista are being threatened by the charges of wrongdoing by his estranged wife and most probably investigations into his financial records and dealings are underway.

There are allegations of illegal dealings against chair Bautista, as evidenced by the passbooks and referral sheets presented to media and the NBI by Mrs. Bautista but the comelec chair has a ready rebuttal against these charges.

In interviews on television and other media, Chair Bautista was bitter over the controversy arising from the charges. He was even teary-eyed as he cited the welfare of his children who were visibly affected by the charges.

There are even suggestions that he should be impeached for the culpable

In sum, the credibility of Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista has been
severely damaged. It is up to him to recover lost ground and goodwill.