CITY OF SAN FERNANDO -- The Department of Health (DOH) said there has been no reported case of poultry-to-human contamination with regards to the Avian Influenza Type A Subtype H5 that has killed tens of thousands of chickens in San Luis town.

Currently, the avian flu virus is not yet highly pathogenic or deadly, as there are still no reported cases of human infection, although the World Health Organization said that human infection is primarily acquired through direct contact with infected animals.

But the DOH cautioned that residents should not go near infected farms or handle birds from areas that have been infected by Avian Influenza.

Earlier, Health Assistant Secretary Eric Tayag said human contraction of the virus is rare as only those who handle infected birds may be susceptible.

But the DOH is asking residents near the infected areas to seek medical attention if they experience flu symptoms for more than 3 days.

If there is actual human contamination, this may cause diseases such as mild conjunctivitis or swelling of the eyes, severe pneumonia and even death.

Interaction with humans infected with the flu, however, does not result in “efficient transmission” between people.

The WHO also clarified that there is no evidence that the avian flu can be acquired by eating properly cooked eggs or poultry.

It could be recalled that 37,000 birds have died from Avian Influenza subtype H5 in what has been declared as the first bird flu outbreak in the country.

The deaths were recorded in six farms in San Luis town.