WITHOUT taking sides against our own, it seems that the Filipina who cried rape against 7 Koreans is not telling the truth with her statements not matching with closed-circuit television (CCTV) footages and the testimony of her Filipina companion on the night the alleged rape happened.

Named only as “Tiffany” by the police to protect her child, she is a native of San Rafael, Bulacan who alleged that she was gang-raped by the Koreans in Angeles City.

The 22-year-old single mother’s statement is turning out to be a fabrication of a story that somehow attracted some attention and mercy from the public including some women’s rights group. It also earned the ire of some Filipinos against some Koreans in the said city.

It can be noted that there are a number of Korean communities in Angeles City who are either working here in the country or studying in local schools. In a few years time, the population of Koreans in many places in the country has rapidly increased including the in the said city particularly near the Clark Freeport Zone.

Like other foreigners, there are Koreans who spend the night out in bars, nightclubs and restaurants in the city where they sometimes meet Filipinas. Some Koreans woo Filipina women and become their girlfriends.

Tiffany is said to have a Korean boyfriend only known as Mr. Lee. They met through the internet and then got acquainted with each other. She later on accused Lee to have raped her and then took her to an unknown place where she was gang-raped by seven Koreans.

However, her statement that she was gang-raped at around 1:00 a.m. of June 15, a Monday, was contradicted by CCTV footages where she was seen drinking and enjoying with Mr. Lee, her boyfriend until from midnight up to past 2:00 am in a restaurant.

Further, Tiffany’s woman companion on that night Angela Ricafort denied that there was rape committed by Mr. Lee and the other Koreans. She contradicted Tiffany’s statement of being gang-raped.

The police are still weighing the pieces of evidence they have gathered to this date but already expressed doubts on the credibility of Tiffany.

This is not the first time a woman cried rape against a foreigner staying and having some good time in our country. There are a number of women who once had the companion of a foreigner would then cry rape or have imputed a crime to someone who actually did not commit.

Many of these accusing women would then demand for some money from the accused for the former’s closed lips despite the fact that nothing of what is accused has really happened.

Foreigners are easy prey for these women who are engaged in extortion activities in the guise of being abused or done something wrong. The women would first befriend foreigners until the latter would become the boyfriends of such. These foreigners, for fear of being jailed or deported to their native lands, would then simply submit to the demands of these women, usually for some cash.

The Koreans who were accused of raping a single mother should somehow thank the restaurant for the installation of CCTV cameras that provided footages that contradicted Tiffany’s allegations.

It was a foiled extortion and not rape that took place. The supposed rape victim was actually the perpetrator of the crime.


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