Birthdays around town

CELEBRATING Arya Fruelda’s (daughter of Clarson and Tina) third birthday in a Sofia The First-themed event held at La Guardia in Lahug, Cebu City made for such a fun-filled afternoon! Guests were asked to come dressed in their most comfy attire for many outdoor activities were present, including a bouncy castle, which many children enjoyed nonetheless! The skies were very clear that day, giving everyone the chance to take advantage of the outdoors. Happy third birthday, Arya!

Calling all brave knights from across the land: Join us for a birthday party sure to be grand for baby lion Ezra Yeung (son of Martin and Claudia) turns one! The Villa Mariquita was transformed into a medieval kingdom to welcome all of Ezra’s little guests (including some adults as well!) who came dressed as knights and fairies/princesses! Games and treats including an attractive spread of chocolate sweet treats created by The Chocolate Chamber as well as homemade goodies made by mom Claudia herself were absolutely enjoyed by everyone present! It was a wonderful and memorable event that lasted well into the evening. Happy first birthday, Ezra!

For an afternoon delight and some home-ware treats from friends at Simple Wishes Home, we celebrate Azzurra Anzani’s (daughter of Marco and Kate) 10th birthday at Casa Anzani! This exciting afternoon swimming event was made complete with an extra large bouncy castle that generously accommodated all the children! Home-cooked sweet and savory treats were made extra special for Azzurra’s special day plus take-me-home presents included a chick-in-a-box (peep)! Happy 10th birthday, Azzurra!