CLASSES at the extension campus of Cebu Technological University (CTU) in the mountain barangay of Bonbon did not push through yesterday.

Bonbon Barangay Captain Alex Ibarrita said there were only security guards at the sports complex where classes are supposed to be held.

That, although three classrooms, blackboards and armchairs for the school were in place.

Ibarrita said yesterday there were at least 10 students who went to the area thinking that classes for the extension college, initiated by Rep. Rodrigo Abellanosa (Cebu City, south district), have started.

Pero wa sila kapadayon kay wa may tawo didto. Ako sila giingnan nga ay lang mo ug hamag una kay wa pa man gyud nay klaro (But they weren’t able to push through because nobody was there. Told them not to push it now),” he added.

It was reported earlier that the CTU extension college has no approval yet from the Board of Regents, the school’s highest governing body.

It is also not covered by a memorandum of agreement between the school and the proponent.

Abellanosa said, though, that the Board of Regents will be meeting in July to discuss the opening of the extension college in Bonbon.

The congressman said he will be calling for a press conference on Wednesday. It was supposed to be held yesterday.

For now, Abellanosa said they are helping the students secure their requirements, such as medical certificates, complete blood count and X-ray examinations, among others.

“Hopefully the classes can start within the week. Missed class days will be made up for during Saturdays,” he added.

Aside from this, Abellanosa said the students are still busy securing their requirements to avail themselves of their scholarship from the Commission on Higher Education (Ched).