PORAC -- Mayor Condralito del Cruz celebrated his natal day on Monday by presenting another new ambulance worth more than P2 million in bid to prep up disaster and emergency response capabilities here.

Dela Cruz also presented two newly refurbished ambulances, one coming from Gov. Lilia Pineda and the restored old ambulance of municipality. Last year, the municipal government also acquired additional ambulances to help with disaster and emergency situations here.

"We would like to be of help in times of emergencies and be able to help communities who need transportation during emergency situations," Dela Cruz added.

Dela Cruz also presented the ambulance and emergency response vehicle for the town's highland communities. He added that the vehicle would be able to service communities in the Porac mountains and most especially the town's significant aeta communities.

Porac has a total of 29 barangays and Dela Cruz is optimistic that with five vehicles available for emergency and disaster response the town will be able to respond to community needs as situation requires. The ambulances are mostly utilized for emergencies in the town's various communities and in ferrying sick people to hospitals outside of Porac for further treatment.

Dela Cruz said that the ambulances are a great help to poor families of the town especially during emergency health situations.