ERRING coaches and players will have to deal with more than a suspension and a fine for misconduct in the 20015 Season of the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation Inc. (Cesafi) tournaments.

If the Cesafi board will approve the measure, coaches, players or team officials will need to do community service as part of the sanction for not behaving properly in the game.

Cesafi Commissioner Felix Tiukinhoy Jr. told Sun.Star Cebu that he already had an initial discussion with Cebu City Sports Commission (CCSC) Chairman Edward Hayco on this sanction.

“Instead of increasing the amount of the penalty, players, coaches or any team members who will be facing sanctions will have to do a community service. This is some sort of Cesafi’s corporate social responsibility (CSR). And I already had an initial talk with Ed Hayco. I understand the Cebu City Sports Commission has an ongoing program for the street kids who had frequent brushes with the law. This is a commendable program. So to make the erring players, coaches or team members feel how is it to be in the shoes of these less fortunate kids, we will make them interact with them, engage with them and train them,” Tiukinhoy said.

According to Tiukinhoy, this is a way for Cesafi to help the program of CCSC, which has a series of programs for kids, street dwellers and even the children of the indigenous Badjaos.

However, this plan will be subject to the approval of the Cesafi board.

“I want this implemented this year. But of course, I still need the approval of the board to implement this sanction. This is just an addendum to the rules and I hope the (Cesafi) board is on the same boat with me. I think this is a better way for the (erring) kids to reform. And this is better than increasing the monetary penalty. Let’s just say that this is just the CSR project of Cesafi,” Tiukinhoy said.

Violations that warrants ejection and penalty in Cesafi include uttering bad words, or threats toward the competing players and teams, Cesafi and game officials; unethical behavior such as knowledge of fraudulent records, involvement in game fixing or point-shaving, betting, intentionally giving away games. They also include unsportsmanlike conduct such as intimidating, threatening or intentionally causing harm to players, spectators, team or game officials, or ordering a team to walkout and bench clearing.

Once concurred by the board, this additional sanction will be implemented not just in the basketball tournament but in the other sports as well.