Sunday July 22, 2018

Never Enough

PEOPLE sometimes are pre-occupied with success that they busy themselves to soar high unnoticing they have not reached their supposed to be destination. They sleep uneasily because they cannot wait for tomorrow to act on their plans. Then they wake up the following day with structured actions ready for application but missing to appreciate the beauty of day and night.

This becomes a cycle and when they are asked why they work so hard, they confidently answer – “I want to be successful for my family”.

And then they try to make everything perfect; projects submitted on time, professional responsibilities are prioritized, and consistent monitoring of everything the person expects to be evaluated by others never stops.Every day, they live a life competing with the unknown because they believe that to be successful is to always expect the unexpected.

Their eyes are set on measuring the result of their hard work. And if they feel great or assessed to be doing good, they become obsessed to working harder and agree with their thoughts that what they have is never enough. They have the money, properties and fame. And again, they say – “This is for my family”.

But have they thought about whether their family needs it? Haven’t they noticed that as they try to reach the top, the reason for their hard work is slowly disappearing? Partners feel neglected; children get lost and the society becomes distant to them. Their family who was their ultimate reason to be successful will now be the reason for them to feel they have actually failed in life.

It is never true that once you are on top, people surrounding you will unconditionally accept you. Money cannot buy relationships; properties cannot save their children; and fame cannot dictate the society to accept them truly. Yes, it is essential to find the means to make a family live a sustainable, comfortable life but one should value time spent with the members of the family.

In the morning, never forget to kiss your loved ones or witness the sunrise together. At lunch, a family may be at a distant - the wife or husband may be at work and children may be in school but a text message to know if they already have eaten matters most. And at night, before sleeping, a hug can be the best antidote to a poisonous whole day stress brought about by home, work or school demands. Even family chatting about their experiences in the living room before the day’s end can change each of their lives. These are just simple acts of love that make every family member feel they belong and are valued.

And so, parents who often work hard and missed to provide touch of caress and appreciation to their spouse or to see how their children grow is never a successful person. The years of professional success can temporarily fool one to feel they are successful but a day of realizing that they have lost their family can be a regret permanently.

Hey, if you are working rigidly and is beginning to forget the real purpose of your hard work, pause and reflect. Ask yourself – Is your partner still waiting for you to come home after work? Are your children’s birthday remembered? When was the last time you have appreciated your spouse’s pretty face? You might have forgotten that the ultimate purpose of your hard work is your family.

Remember that even if you can hold the world, still it will never be enough to achieve fulfillment in life because the greatest form of achievement is when you are able to keep your family intact and happy. So, from now on stop chasing money and fame; instead, focus on valuing your home, your family!