Friday August 17, 2018

Summer-ready skin, body at Slim N’ Glow Facial, Skin Spa

LOOK and feel like a queen at Slim N’ Glow Facial and Skin Spa, the one-stop shop for your face, skin, and body needs.

No matter how much effort we put into making our skin and body look better, we have to admit that sometimes we wish we could have a little help from spas and clinics. However, it comes at a high price.

Thankfully, Slim N’ Glow Facial and Skin Spa offers beauty services at a more affordable price.

Last weekend, I went there to treat myself to a relaxing facial. But this spa is definitely one place I’ll frequent in the future. It offers basically everything a girl could want to achieve the skin and body that she desires: different kinds of facials, whitening treatments, slimming services, waxing and laser hair removal, and nail services as well.

Who would’ve thought that a single spa can be your one-stop shop for all your skin and body needs?

For those who wish to have lighter underarms and inner thighs, they offer intense peeling. Those pesky stretch marks, meanwhile, can be gone with their DermaPen technology. They have glutathione drips and other whitening treatments for the whole body too.

You can also have your nails done with gel polish, the kind that lasts 3-4 months at just P450. It’s around 40-50% less than other shops, so it’s probably the cheapest one yet.

Plus, if you want a slimmer face and more toned body, you can avail of their liposuction and RF (radio frequency) slimming services. RF is non-invasive and it not only melts fat, but tightens and firms your skin as well.

And the best part? They offer laser hair removal at a very affordable rate. You can finally get rid of unwanted hair permanently with its laser hair removal services for different areas in your body even in the Brazilian area.

It’s only P600 per session for underarm laser hair removal. And for 10 sessions you only need to pay P4,000.

You can also ditch painful Brazilian waxing sessions for a Brazilian laser hair removal at just P1,000 per session, and P4,500 for 5 sessions. I’ve tried the procedure and it really is painful, which makes laser hair removal more appealing.

After all, who wouldn’t want unwanted hair gone forever?

What’s really great about it is the rates are much more affordable than mall prices, but you get the same quality of service.

You see, I’m thrifty in a sense. I always make sure that I get my money’s worth from products and services. Otherwise, I’ll find a way to do it myself at home. But not everything can be achieved with home remedies and store-bought products.

Slim N’ Glow Facial and Skin Spa at the Mabini Commercial Complex is clean and chic-looking, but nothing too extravagant. Their personnel are all nice and attentive, and the ambience is fine as well.

But what really sets Slim N’ Glow apart from other spas is they offer the same beauty services at a cheaper price.

Summer’s not over yet, so it’s not too late to get skin firming and whitening treatments to make you rock that swimsuit confidently all summer long.

I’ll be back to get laser hair removal sessions at Slim N’ Glow Facial and Skin Spa and I’ll keep you updated here on my column. Until next time!