A FURNITURE company in Davao City seeks to develop products that are toxic-free for the consumers as well as to make the clients understand the convenience and significance of functional and economical spaces in the house.

Other furniture may be using boards with high formaldehyde content without the consumers knowing about it, said Global Mazzini Furniture, Inc. managing director Martin Angelo Hao.

During the weekly press conference at Habi at Kape last Wednesday, August 16, Hao said some consumers may notice a strange smell and a stinging sensation to the eyes the moment they open a new cabinet or any wooden furniture.

This, Hao said, is toxic and an indication of high formaldehyde content that is harmful to the people inhaling it.

“Our boards are E1 standard which means the formaldehyde content is at minimum. Our boards also are eco-tech and toxic-free,” Hao said.

He added their boards used for the furniture are patterned after international standards and are imported from Europe. These are also bigger than the conventional local boards which measure about 4 feet by 8 feet as compared to Mazzini Furniture boards measuring 7 feet by 9 feet in average.

“We want the clients to understand kitchen by helping them design the kitchen in such a way that it’s functional and economical, that even if there spaces is cramped and slightly limited, it will be used well. No space will be wasted,” said Hao.

He added that for Davao City, they have provided interior services for Dusit Thani, department stores of specific malls, and even for individual clients who wish to have parts of their houses and condominium units restored.

Aside from kitchens, Hao said they have also provided services for dynamic space improvement including wardrobes or any other spaces that may need furniture or wood installation.

Mazzini Furniture is located at Del Carmen Street, Matina Aplaya, Davao City.